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Voters First Qualifies for Nov. Ballot; Help Preserve Tenure at Wayne State

Sign a Petition to Preserve Tenure

We are continuing to see attacks on faculty in various forms across the country.  The latest comes out of Wayne State University in Michigan, where the administration is attempting in earnest to eliminate tenure.  The Michigan Conference AAUP is circulating a petition as part of their fight against this proposed measure.  Attacks on tenure are nothing new to our profession. This attack is, however, as real as it gets and bad ideas have legs. If successful at Wayne State, we’ll all be visited by similar proposals on our campuses soon.  Please click on the link below and sign the petition to show your support for tenure and the Wayne State University faculty.

Preserve Tenure at Wayne State University Petition

Secretary of State Certifies Proposed Redistricting Constitutional Amendment for November 2012 Election 

Last evening, Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted certified the Voters First constitutional amendment for the November 6, 2012 ballot.  If this amendment is approved by voters, it will change a partisan system of gerrymandering that has existed in the state for nearly half a century.

The current process for drawing legislative district boundaries in Ohio allows the party with control of redistricting, Republicans or Democrats, to draw those lines in ways that protect its incumbent officeholders and advance its own interests. 

Partisan redistricting in Ohio has negative consequences, including uncompetitive legislative elections, over-representation of the dominant party in the legislature, and greater polarization in state government.

Ohio is only one of two states that has a redistricting board comprised entirely of elected officials.  If voters approve the amendment in November, Ohio will join eleven other states, including California, Colorado, Missouri, and Washington, that have either a bipartisan or nonpartisan redistricting commission. Ohio Conference AAUP members must be commended for their role in helping this amendment qualify for the ballot.  Once again, our members from across the state stepped up to circulate and sign petitions.  Voters First could not have made it this far without us.

But our work isn’t over yet.  Over the next three months, we will do our part in educating our members and the public about the importance of the amendment.  There are groups that oppose this good government initiative, and will spend a lot of money to defeat it, because they want to maintain business as usual in Ohio politics.  This won’t be an easy fight, but changing Ohio government forever is worth the effort!

 Ohio Conference AAUP Communications Committee

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