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SCRTW Bills Receive First Hearings

SCRTW Bills Receive First Hearings

Yesterday, the Ohio House of Representatives’  Manufacturing and Workforce Development Committee held hearings on House Bill 151 and House Joint Resolution 5.  HB 151 would enact a so-called “right-to-work” (SCRTW) law for the private sector, while HJR 5 would place the issue on the statewide ballot for voters to decide.  HJR 5 would impact the private and public sectors.  The committee meeting was so packed with those opposed to SCRTW that Statehouse officials had to open up several overflow rooms to accommodate the crowd.  After the hearing, Committee Chairman Kirk Schuring (R-Canton) told media outlets, “I’ve surveyed the committee and for a wide variety of reasons, the committee has determined that it would not be appropriate to have additional hearings on the legislation.”  While the committee may not hold additional hearings on these bills at this time, it is widely believed that first hearings were held so that the bills could be fast-tracked later in the legislative session – most likely during the 2014 “lame duck session” (the period after the election and before the end of the year).  We will remain vigilant, working closely with We Are Ohio, in monitoring these bills and preparing for what seems like another inevitable ballot battle.  Thank you to our members who contacted Chairman Schuring.  We learned later on Monday that he had received so many e-mails that his server was shut down! 

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