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Gov. Kasich Opens Door to “Campus Carry”

Thanks to each of you who took the time to call and e-mail Gov. Kasich to encourage him to veto House Bill 48. In the late moments of the General Assembly’s lame duck session, the major components of HB 48 were folded into another gun bill — SB 199 — and that bill was signed today by the governor.

Once enacted, SB 199 will reduce the offense for unauthorized carrying of a concealed handgun on the premises of an institution of higher education from a felony to a minor misdemeanor, if the offender produces a valid conceal/carry license within 10 days of arrest. 

In addition, boards of trustees of Ohio colleges and universities will be able to develop their own “campus carry” policies, and will be granted immunity from liability caused by a conceal/carry licensee bringing a gun on to campus.

The Ohio Conference AAUP already has begun working with our chapters to encourage boards of trustees to keep campuses weapon-free. We encourage you to work with and support your chapters in these efforts.

Given that this likely is the last communication from us for the year, we wish you a happy and safe holiday season.

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