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Ask Gov. Kasich to Veto HB 48

House Bill 48, known as the “guns everywhere” bill, passed the Ohio Senate on Wednesday, December 7 and is being sent to Gov. John Kasich for his signature.

Please call and e-mail Gov. Kasich asking him to veto HB 48:

Phone: (614) 466-3555

Click here to send an e-mail.

HB 48 would reduce the offense for unauthorized carrying of a concealed handgun on the premises of an institution of higher education from a felony to a minor misdemeanor, if the offender produces a valid conceal/carry license within ten days of arrest. This is the equivalent of a first time speeding ticket or failure to register a dog.

The bill also would allow Ohio colleges and universities to develop a policy for allowing conceal/carry of handguns on campus and grant institutions immunity from liability caused by a conceal/carry licensee bringing a gun on to campus.

Gov. Kasich has a mixed record on gun control issues. While it may be unlikely, it is not out of the realm of possibility that Gov. Kasich could veto HB 48. Please contact Gov. Kasich right away.

*Note: We understand that not every member of our association opposes this legislation or agrees with the position statements we have passed on the issue. However, just like everything the Conference decides to support or oppose, this matter has gone through a rigorous discussion and democratic process that involved our state leadership and membership. 

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