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Your Signature Needed!

Ben Pfeiffer

We are working with the Ohio Federation of Teachers (OFT) to collect signatures from active public institution faculty who pay into the State Teachers Retirement System (STRS) pension in order to get OFT member Ben Pfeiffer on the STRS ballot this spring.

Ben is a Chemistry Teacher in Oregon City Schools in Northwest Ohio, as well as a volunteer firefighter for Jerusalem Township.

He is President of Oregon City Schools Federation of Teachers, and has been involved with OFT’s Retirement Committee since 2008. He keenly understands retirement and pension issues, and has pledged to work on behalf of active and retired members, if elected to the STRS Board.

The Ohio Conference AAUP Board has endorsed Ben’s candidacy, because he is knowledgeable about STRS issues and will be a good fiduciary of the system. He believes that retirees and active educators deserve the pensions they were promised.

In order to get Ben on the ballot, we need 500 signatures from active educators who pay into STRS and reside in Ohio. If you opted for the Alternative Retirement Plan (ARP) or do not live in Ohio, you are ineligible to sign.

Of the 500 signatures, 200 need to come in the form of 20 signatures from 10 counties. STRS is not relaxing the rules on signature collection. As such, we must ask people to print the petition, fill it out/sign it with a pen, and mail it back to us. No electronic or scanned petitions will be accepted by STRS. 

Please PRINT, SIGN, and MAIL Ben’s petition back to the Ohio Conference AAUP office. Here is the address:

Ohio Conference AAUP
222 East Town Street, 2W
Columbus, OH 43215

If you have questions, contact Thanks in advance for your help with this effort!

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