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Notice of Proposed Changes to Code of Regulations

In accordance with our Code of Regulations (what we call our constitution and by-laws), this will serve as notice to our members of the proposed changes to the Code of Regulations to be approved at our upcoming Annual Meeting.

The changes that we are proposing are to reflect the restructuring changes made over the summer at the National AAUP Annual Meeting.
For instance, the National AAUP now will have a biennial — not annual — meeting, so all references to the “annual” meeting are being changed to “biennial.”

In addition, the Assembly of State Conferences (ASC) will be dissolved, so all references to the ASC will be removed.

The proposed changes also will remove references to the National Council representatives for Ohio, as those positions no longer will exist.

You may view the proposed changes as track changes in Microsoft Word by clicking here. The “clean” version can be viewed here.

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