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UC student paper calls out 12-year ‘quarter of a billion dollar’ athletic deficit

The News Record, an independent University of Cincinnati student newspaper, published an article on April 14 calling attention to the cumulative deficit accrued by UC’s athletics department over the last 12 years.

Highlighting the ever-increasing athletic spending, the article states, “These annual deficits, paid for with tuition and other general fund dollars, have taken an enormous financial toll on the university’s bottom line. Over the past 12 years, deficits in the athletic department have totaled more than $250 million, according to UC’s NCAA Revenue & Expense reports from 2008 through 2019.”

Deficit Chart

The piece goes on to quote Ohio Conference AAUP president John McNay: “It is totally irresponsible but, through several administrations, the university appears totally committed to squandering greater and greater financial resources on playing games.”

We encourage you to read the full article here.

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