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Consider Donating to Akron-AAUP “Faculty Care Fund”

In July of 2020, The University of Akron announced a reduction-in-force-action for 97 full-time faculty. Some of our colleagues were able to retire, but 66 were removed from their positions without cause and with little notice.

In the midst of a pandemic, they lost their salaries, their health care, their dependent’s tuition remission, and their careers. They received zero severance pay, had their UA email accounts deleted, lost their tuition benefits, and were forbidden from requesting emeritus status (even though most were tenured, and many had been employees for over 20 years).

As an act of support for our colleagues, Akron-AAUP has established a one-time donation fund, the “Akron-AAUP Faculty Care Fund.” Net funds collected will be equally split among those who are eligible and who opt-in to the program by 5pm, May 31st, 2021.

Click here to make a donation.

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