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Sign the Petition: Faculty Must Be Consulted About Higher Ed Changes

AAUP President Releases Statement on Obama Higher Ed Proposal, Sign the Petition for Faculty Inclusion! 

Last week, President Obama released a higher education reform proposal, citing the goals of making college more affordable and reining in student debt. 
While the AAUP applauded the President for raising these concerns - ones that we share - AAUP President Rudy Fichtenbaum called the plan "little more than a version of the failed policy of 'No Child Left Behind' brought to higher education."
Rudy Fichtenbaum
Rudy Fichtenbaum
In his statement, Fichtenbaum distinguished between the "costs" and the "prices" of higher education, highlighting that while costs in higher education are growing rapidly, they are not growing as quickly as tuition prices.
The growing tuition prices have been driven by drastic declines in state support, as well as massive growth in administrative spending.  The President's plan fails to acknowledge these root problems.
While President Obama promised to consult with colleges and universities in rolling out his plan, Fichtenbaum noted that means communicating with university presidents and not the faculty.
As a result, a White House petition was initiated to ask the President to consult with college and university faculty about higher education reform. The petition requires 100,000 signers in order for the White House to respond. 
Please click on the link, sign the petition, and share widely via e-mail and social media. 

Ohio House of Representatives Creates
"Higher Education Reform Study Committee"
Rep. Rosenberger
Rep. Rosenberger
this month, the Ohio House of Representatives announced the creation of the "Higher Education Reform Study Committee," chaired by Rep. Cliff Rosenberger (R-Clarksville), who also served as chair of the House Finance Higher Education Subcommittee during the budget process.
The committee has embarked on a "road show," traveling all over the state to public and for-profit colleges to discuss a myriad of issues in higher education.
At this time, it is unknown what the committee ultimately hopes to accomplish.
The Ohio Conference AAUP has been monitoring these hearings closely.  Conference President John McNay plans to testify at the September 9 hearing, at which "Faculty Workload" is being discussed under the topic of "Reducing the High Cost of Higher Education."
We will send you a report, including McNay's testimony, after September 9.
In the meantime, you can follow the committee and read testimony that previously has been given by clicking here.