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Support your colleagues and quality instruction at Wright State
Wright State's Budget Mess & How You Can Help

One of the key purposes of the Ohio Conference AAUP is bringing together all Ohio members for collective purposes and to support faculty across the state. Right now, faculty at Wright State University need your help.
As many of you may be at least passingly aware, Wright State is in the midst of a largely self-created budget mess, requiring the university to cut $25 million from next year's budget.
A new president has been hired and will assume office in July. In the meantime, David Hopkins, who had been WSU's president for the last 10 years, abruptly resigned. An interim president has been appointed to make needed budget cuts in the next 90 days.
Of course, none of the deficit spending has been on instructional salaries, benefits, or support. To see where more than $100 million in reserves have been squandered over the past three to five years, please see the posts of the WSU chapter blog
In response to this mess, WSU faculty and students have been demonstrating and gathering petition signatures. Beyond the thousands of signatures already gathered from our own university community, it will be helpful to demonstrate to the WSU Board, as well as the interim and incoming presidents, that there is support for the university's faculty and instructional mission.
Thank you in advance for your support,
Marty Kich
President, AAUP-WSU
Vice President, Ohio Conference AAUP